Scorpio New Moon Horoscopes -Oct. 23, 2014


For a sign that likes to run forward full force, this solar eclipse/New Moon may feel a bit more like trotting in the mud. Not impossible, but uncomfortable — requiring more effort than normal. Things will begin advancing soon enough. For now, observe and stay present in your reality. You need to be responsible and to be aware of what is important.


Issues surrounding intimacy and privacy may be pressuring you during this New Moon in your opposite sign. This can be a very personal energy, inclined to being contained and handled delicately and secretly. But the real healing begins when you release the secrets that weigh you down.


Sticking with one subject can be a challenge, but it seems that something is, or soon will be, requiring just that. It may be work, family obligations, or just regular routine — but don’t worry, this phase won’t last. Spend some time being really honest with yourself about your own time management. What is really sustainable, what is worth your time?


There can be an intense sensation with this Scorpio New Moon, particularly for another water sign like you. Passion is running strong, but so are control issues, possessiveness, and fixation. Remember that extremes,like binging and purging, are harmful to the body and mind. Do whatever you can do find reasonably healthy outlets for partying and creativity. Don’t invest your energy in toxic people or things.


There is something requiring change, cleaning, or healing in your home. Whether that is your literal home, as in the house you live and the greater family organization you belong to, or your inner stability and sense of comfort in your own skin. It is time to find that fairytale pea under the mattress. Be real with those closest to you, including yourself. What do you want to call home?


Getting things in order is usually right up Virgo’s alley, so this New Moon phase may be extremely productive, perhaps even devoted to work or service. Beware not to sacrifice too much, especially when doing it without being asked. Those gestures always come with strings attached. Try to be straightforward.


The clearer you are about your desires and the motivations behind them, the more powerful you will find yourself. This is a good time of year to know what resources you have available and what tools you have to maintain self-reliance and inner security. Consider it an investment in your well-being.


First of all, Happy Birthday! Second of all, what a year ahead for you! A New Moon at 0 degrees Scorpio — this is a moment of rebirth and renewal, when the universe is on your side to support the changes you make. You can steer your own course with conviction right now, but you must be honest about your plans.. This is a new incarnation, so choose it well and enjoy.


Mars has been transiting your sign since mid-September, which has probably felt like a charge of physical energy or social activity. It seems that this next planetary cycle is a bit more introverted, and more about cleaning out the clutter of the past. It may not sound thrilling, but the more you think of it as embarking on a treasure hunt, the more value you will gain.


The momentum is flowing your way right now, and if you put the work in, your authority and competence will strenghten as the month of November goes on. If there is something specific you seek to accomplish, this is an auspicious time to put your plans in motion. Just make sure you have everyone’s best interests at heart.


Think of this as the metaphorical phoenix rising from the ashes. Your Aquarian idealism will come in handy here, but it can’t be all talk — this transformation will only take place if you make changes in your inner life too. Don’t stick with what isn’t working. This isn’t the time to be stubborn.


You may very well find yourself even more receptive to (and influenced by) the needs and viewpoints of others than usual. The work comes in discerning what beliefs, perceptions, and philosophies truly work for you. You are responsible for what you put forward in the world, so make sure that it is authentically your own.







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