Taurus Full Moon Horoscopes -Nov. 6, 2014


While life may not be a stroll in the park these days, you really are making progress. The current Uranus/Pluto square is being charged by Mars, your ruling planet. You can’t escape reality, and you can’t control everything in your outer world. Your fearless honesty can go a long way in addressing old thorns in your side — it’s as if you are getting a  planetary push aimed at healing a rip in your self-esteem.


It’s important to be aware of your self-reliance. People often define themselves by the relationships they are in (whether personal or business partners), and this approach rarely lends itself to happiness. Luckily you already know that you must be happy with yourself as you actually are, independently of anyone else. At the same time, remember to let those you love or work with be who they actually are, too.


Of course immersing yourself in work and projects can be productive, absolutely. But you may be feeling a bit of overload. There’s a lot of pressure to fix things that are wrong, and the easy way to do that is to look outwardly at tasks and obligations that can be met and crossed off the list of chores. Take it easy for a few minutes around this Full Moon in order to recharge your battery.


Tis the season to take a good look at the plans you are making and the people you are making them with. It may seem easier to stick with your beloved traditions, but there is something to be said for diving into something dramatically different. You can learn a lot from others right now, particularly regarding the direction you want to go in life. Keep your mind curious.


Although you can’t force people to treat you the way you want, you are right to seek genuine appreciation. That is, of course, if you are genuinely contributing in return. That’s the thing about Scorpio, the sign that the Sun is transiting right now. There has to be a return on investment. This is not a matter of gratification or narcissism, but a moment of clarity to see if you are in the right place to give and receive without reservation. If not, reconsider your connections.


I know that your sign leans toward order and pragmatism, and it’s likely that this month’s Scorpio transit has increased your desire for reasonable behavior. But if you can, take a moment during this Full Moon (in fellow earth sign Taurus) to stop trying to make sense of everything, and instead to remember what connects you to nature — what inspires you in art, music, science, religion… whatever. Make some space to enjoy your surroundings these next few days. Life is in the details, as they say.


Your solar chart continues to reflect pressure to be mature and responsible for the resources at your disposal. Self-esteem comes from knowing you can rely on your ability to succeed at life. This can take many forms, but the point is to work with what you have and to feel good about it. This is a great time to begin cutting out debt, unnecessary costs, and unhealthy attachments. Time and money are valuable, so make sure you are spending yours on quality things.


This Full Moon is all about relationships and what purpose they serve in your life. You can use those naturally analytical skills to check on your own motivations. Deep trust and consistent passion are vital to your emotional health, and this transit is asking you to look sharply at any power struggles in your close bonds. It’s a good time to quit the drama and to be real with those you love.


I know I said this in the last column, but you are still in the midst of the “cleaning out the clutter” phase. Yes, it can seem a little oppressive, and that’s something you are not usually very comfortable with. But the truth is that it isn’t that heavy unless you continue to avoid the mess. So get it done, your birthday is approaching.


Go have a good time. No, really. Do something you really enjoy, not just things that earn money or build your image. When you are enjoying your own ride through life, your charisma is a powerful force that draws good energy to you. The creative boost may just open up some new opportunities to advance you closer to your goals.


Even if reality seems to be closing in a bit, don’t be too rigid about holding your ground. Your ability to envision a better plan will come in handy with any challenges or demands coming at  you. Big changes, whether in the outer world or your inner life, significantly alter the playing field. The only thing you can control is your perspective. Choosing to work positively with whatever is demanding your attention will change your entire attitude.


Mars and Pluto are involved in this lunation, urging you to manuever intelligently right now. Your instincts are strong, but don’t think you’re invincible. You may know what is right for you, but that doesn’t mean you have the final say for everyone. Others are looking to your for your empathy and wise guidance, which you have in abundance — just keep in mind that you can’t insist people take your advice.



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