One of the things I often hear from clients about my natal chart and transit/progression readings is that they’re meaningful and relevant in getting a grasp of the bigger picture, a sense of the greater purpose of their lives– but it can be challenging to integrate all of that information into an everyday form of guidance. And from an astrological perspective, it’s difficult for me to pinpoint the smaller details affecting the natal chart when I’m explaining such a large scope of time. The passing influences, which may have a huge impact on what your day or week FEELS like to you, gets lost in the broader scheme when I’m describing an entire year or two of your evolutionary journey.


In order to bring astrology into a more useful role in your life, I’ve created the Moonrise Horoscope, a subscription service for $35 per month (no contract, no cancellation fees). Each member will receive a personal transit reading covering the planetary aspects from one New Moon to the next, following the lunar cycle through waxing and waning phases as it moves through your natal chart.

The Moonrise Horoscope is ideal for my returning clients who have had either an introductory or full natal chart reading, or who have been to a group reading with me in the past. For new subscribers, you are welcome to sign up– but I do recommend purchasing an introductory reading to get started, in order to become familiar with the structure of your natal chart. Astrology offers a lot of information, and the more you understand about your chart, the further detail I can give you in the Moonrise Horoscope.

These monthly reading will be digitally recorded and emailed to your inbox on the eve of the New Moon. Each reading will be approximately 30 minutes in length, and will be accompanied by a monthly members-only coupon for significant savings on products, full readings, and special events.

Birth information required! Please include your birth date, town or city of birth, and as close to the exact time as possible. And feel free to email me at with any questions that you may have.

Sign up for the Moonrise Horoscope monthly subscription here!


Taurus Full Moon Rising, Plum Island, Massachusetts ~ November 13, 2016

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