2020 Vision Reading


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2020 Vision is a predictive reading focusing on the major planetary transits in your natal chart over the course of the year. This reading is approximately 60 minutes long, and highlights the movement of Jupiter, Saturn, and the outer planets as they affect your inner and outer life.

2020 promises to be a historic year charged with potential. This is a turning point. We begin with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January, and end it with a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in December. Get focused to make the most of it.

This reading is available to all returning clients who have had a natal chart reading with me in the past. Evolutionary astrology offers perspective into your personality and life purpose which helps ground you in your authentic self. Distance readings are available, emailed to you in MP3 format.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have a natal chart reading with me first before ordering the 2020 Vision predictive reading. 



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