Calamus Root Tincture


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Calamus Root Tincture is made with dried calamus root and organic vodka. Calamus (Acorus calamus) is a grass-like perennial plant that prefers to grow in shallow water. It’s a warming herb that stimulates blood flow to the brain, aiding with dizziness, disorientation, and mind fog. Calamus root helps improve memory retention, alertness, and mental focus. And its nervine properties help relieve anxiety and steady the mind in times of confusion.

Safety precaution: Calamus Root Tincture should not be used in high doses. May cause vomiting with overuse. Not for use if pregnant or nursing. Avoid if using antacid or antidepressant medication.

Calamus Root Tincture comes in a 2-ounce amber bottle with measured dropper top, $15 for local pickup, plus $5 for S&H.


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