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Endless Autumn is my new aromatherapy blend for Libra season! Centered around Ylang Ylang, a uniquely fragrant flower oil that supports love, acceptance, and the release of pressure in relationships, this natural perfume helps comfort and restore balance in times of reorientation. It’s made with Ylang Ylang, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lemon, and Petitgrain essential oils, Vitamin E, and organic Jojoba oil. It comes in a 10 ml roller bottle, $15 for local pick up, plus $5 for S&H.

The powerfully sweet floral scent gives Ylang Ylang its association with Venus, the planetary ruler of Libra. That’s because beauty and pleasure fall under the reign of Venus, the goddess of Love —and Ylang Ylang has an ancient tradition of use as an aphrodisiac. Ylang Ylang flowers were placed on the beds of newlyweds in Indonesia to reduce anxiety and stress.

The emotional and mental benefits of Ylang Ylang extend beyond attraction and romance, though. Its chemical constituents include antidepressant and nervine properties, which can be used to soothe inhibition and anger born out of frustration, and help to relieve nervous tension and stress disorders.

Its deeply tranquilizing effect helps calm the immediate environment, allowing us maintain balance and do what we have to do. It encourages us to release bottled up emotions so that we aren’t weighed down by past trauma, loss, and fear.

Sandalwood quiets the mind. It facilitates stillness and meditation, helping us leave material concerns aside.It comforts the soul in times of emptiness—the deep woody aroma anchors the emotional body, allowing us to ground down like the roots of a tree.

Lemon inspires confidence and flexibility. Known as the ‘oil of focus’, Lemon essential oil keeps us connected and alert in the present moment, clearing away the negativity, confusion, and self-judgment that inhibit our way forward. And Petitgrain is a mood stabilizer, calming down anxiety with its warm, citrusy scent.




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