Karmic Character Sketch


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In this 30-minute mini-reading, I’ll chart the evolutionary path of your life, represented by the lunar nodes. The south node is our anchor point– it represents the memories we brought with us from our prior life karma. The north node is the path forward toward healing. There’s an inherent challenge in being human: we are born with habits, and those habits inhibit our growth and happiness. Learning about these parts of your consciousness can help raise your awareness, facilitating a healthier and stronger attitude toward your future. 

You’ll also receive a special discount on a full natal chart reading.

Please provide birth information at time of booking. Birth date, town or city of birth, and as close to the exact time as possible. Readings can be scheduled via Zoom meeting, or recorded digitally on MP3 and emailed to your inbox. Send questions to me at roottoriseremedies@gmail.com.


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