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Aim toward your true north all year long with my new gift, the Karmic Imprint!

The Karmic Imprint combines my lunar phase photography with a customized astrology quote based on your karmic purpose. The Moon and Lunar Nodes are symbols in the natal chart that shine a light on the path to happiness. For each Karmic Imprint, I read the natal chart and create a message to remind you of who you are and what you need for emotional wellness.

The Karmic Imprint comes with a close up photo of the Moon phase you were born under, taken under the skies over Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts.  The photo and caption are centered in a 5×7 photo, and comes matted in an 8×10 border,  ready for framing!

The Karmic Imprint is $45 for local pick up, plus $5 for S&H

 Please include birth information when ordering—date, town or city of birth, and as close to the exact time as possible.


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