Moon Medicine Workshop ~ Gold Level



Spend February aligning with energy of the stars.

In this month-long workshop, astrologer Elizabeth Michaud will guide you through the energy of the planets from both a spiritual and physical perspective.

All participants will receive daily astrology insights emailed to their inbox from February 1 through March 1, weekly videos focused on the medical astrology of the lunar phase, and associated herbal, essential oil, and gemstone healing tips.

There are two levels of participation available. The Silver Level includes everything listed above– daily astrology guides and weekly videos according to the Moon phase. Click here to register for $79

Gold Level includes a 20-minute astrology reading focusing on the transits of Venus, Mercury, and Mars as they move through Capricorn in your natal chart. This reading sheds light on the material in your life that has been churned up during the current Venus retrograde– issues of disrespect, lack of control, and relational and financial problems. February is a month of realignment, as we get back on track after learning about the past. It will be digitally recorded and emailed on February 1.


Moon Medicine Workshop


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