Moon Medicine Astrology and Yoga Workshop



Start the new year clarifying your biggest dreams, goals and behavioral shifts through Moon Medicine — a highly practical journey in embodying sustainable exchange of prana, or vital energy. 2022 is an auspicious year, leading to many big shifts. It begins with a Capricorn New Moon, a powerful seed of opportunity to realign with our mission & re-assess our energy usage.

Curated by Elizabeth Michaud, an evolutionary astrologer, and Kate Manuell, a multidisciplinary somatic guide, the science & art of these practices are blended together into a monthlong workshop for actualizing the astrology of January 2022 with energetic stability and ease.

Sustainability in the pranic body.

The ancient practices of astrology and yoga develop the body’s intuitive knowledge by highlighting invisible realms of significant energy– zodiac signs, aspects, planets, chakras, breath, & karmic imprints– and helps guide you closer to them.

Moon Medicine is a curated guide for the month of January that includes:

  • daily transit forecasting
  • somatic, essential oil, herbal and postural associations
  • breathwork & kriyas to delve into karmic imprints
  • daily star guide videos + yoga practice
  • sign and planet symbolism

Introductory materials will be sent January 1, on the eve of the New Moon.

Astrology + Yoga practice begins on the New Moon January 2 and continues through January 31.

Hosted by Root to Rise Remedies & Sahaji Arts


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