Moon Medicine Workshop



In this 4-week curated workshop, we’ll work with the houses of the natal chart to bring astrology into practical focus in your life. The Taurus lunar cycle contains a pair of eclipses, Mercury retrograde, and several planets changing zodiac signs. Discover how to apply these larger planetary energies in mindful ways, using the phases of the Moon to ride the flow.

Each week, beginning on Friday, April 29,  you’ll receive a video link and bonus PDF astrological guide following the syllabus below. Please note: this workshop does not include individual astrology readings, but we will be working with your natal chart. If you provide your birth info when registering, I will email you a copy of your chart using the Placidus house system.

Week One: New Moon

Seed of the Beginning, Intention Setting

The meaning of the 12 houses.

Key Influences of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse


Week Two: First Quarter

Growth is impeded by obstacles. Confront challenges. Necessity for change.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini

Jupiter ingresses Aries


Week Three: Full Moon

Sacred Pause, illumination through tension of opposites, experience of manifestation, seeing results

The shift from Taurus to Gemini season


Week Four: Last Quarter

Experiences have culminated. Wisdom gained. Crisis of letting go.

Mars ingresses Aries/Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries


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