Motherwort Tincture


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Motherwort Tincture is made with garden-grown motherwort in organic vodka. Motherwort (Leonurus cardiac) is a bitter herb from the mint family that acts as a heart tonic, sedative, and nervine. It has a cooling and drying effect energetically. 

Motherwort tincture is useful in helping:

· ease stress, restlessness, and irritability

· reduce hot flashes and cramps associated with menstruation and menopause

· calm anxiety and relax constriction in the chest

· normalize rapid heart rate and decrease blood pressure

Safety precaution: Motherwort should not be used during pregnancy (unless under guidance of herbalist). It may interact with cardiac medications.

Motherwort Tincture comes in a 2-ounce amber bottle with measured dropper top, $15 for local pick up, plus $5 for S&H.


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