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Introducing Mystic, my new natural perfume for the summer season. It’s a soft and deep aromatherapy blend intended to help settle the soul and the mind.

Palo Santo,has been used by Native American cultures for centuries to promote grounding, calming, and spiritual trust. It is said to help those who feel that everything is a struggle. It helps strengthen courage when plagued by apprehension.

Ylang Ylang’s bright sweetness instills optimism and faith, helping to dispel discouragement and soothe grief. And both Roman and German (Blue) Chamomile are sources of warmth, comfort, and peace. They act as sedatives for the nervous system in times of stress.

Mystic is made with Roman Chamomile, Palo Santo, and Roman Chamomile pure essential oils, made in a base of handcrafted German Chamomile oil, which I made with last summer’s flower harvest and organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. The natural perfume oil comes in a clear glass bottle with dried German Chamomile buds inside. It’s $20 for local curbside pickup, add $5 for shipping.


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