Oasis, the Summer Solstice Blend


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Summer is a season of celebration and relaxation, where we break free from the normal demands of the daily grind. Oasis, the Summer Solstice Blend, is a mix of essential oils created to help us all enjoy this time of year with an open heart. It’s a reminder to live in our strength, not in our fear.

I centered this blend around German Chamomile (also called Blue Chamomile). It has a high percentage of azulene, a chemical component with anti-inflammatory properties and a blue color. German Chamomile has a strong, sweet, and warm scent that helps to soothe insomnia and nervous strain. It’s a Moon-ruled medicinal herb and oil, known for centuries to calm upset and worry.

Marjoram is another warming essential oil, with an herbaceous and lively aroma that promotes feelings of safety, openness, and connection. And Lavender and Ylang Ylang are beautiful flower oils that soften and sweeten the mix.

The invigorating scent of Lime and Grapefruit instill energy and courage, helping to cleanse old losses and pains from the heart. The blend is intended to strengthen our gratitude, despite life’s struggles, so that we can embrace the summer with a trusting heart.

Oasis, the Summer Solstice Blend-

10 ml roller bottle, $12 for local pick up/plus $5 for S&H.


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