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Astrology is an invaluable tool for navigation. As the planets move through the universe, they move symbolically through our natal charts. The planets represent energies that correspond with change, growth, decay, opportunity, and contraction. Their motion can be calculated, giving us a timeline of influence on certain areas of our lives. Astrology is not prediction. It’s a tool for greater self-awareness, and it can help you broaden your perspective so that you make better choices.

In this 30-minute digitally recorded audio reading, I’ll help you answer a specific question in your life. The question can be narrow or broad in scope, ranging from career, relationship, moving residences, general happiness, and more. I’ll study the transits and progressions of your natal chart, and formulate advice geared directly to your area of concern. The language of astrology is insightful, and hearing about the planets in your chart will often trigger greater self-knowledge and confidence about the path forward. 

Birth info is required for the reading– date, exact time, and town or city. Time of birth can usually be acquired from the hospital you were born in, or from the town records department of the town hall. 


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