Shadow Work Summer 2021


Shadow Work Readings are short predictive reports that focus on creatively charged time periods, specifically eclipses and Mercury retrogrades, in order to help you make the most of special energy.


Shadow Work is a custom guide to restoring your spirit during the summer of 2021. This astrological story will begin with a deep dive into the natal placement of Black Moon Lilith, a powerful psychological symbol of repressed wildness. By connecting with the meaning of your personal Lilith archetype, you’ll find validation and satisfaction about the wisdom of your instinctive nature.

Then we’ll move to your progressed Moon, signaling where the emotional weathervane of your life is pointing. The progressed Moon tells us what you need to pay attention to in order to achieve greater happiness.

And we’ll wrap up with the path of the two eclipses in May and June, as well as the Mercury retrograde through June 22. There’s something unique about eclipses, particularly when they are combined with a Mercury retrograde. We can see things that are normally hidden because eclipse light casts a strange glow. Let your natal chart show you what’s going on.

Shadow Work is approximately 35-45 minutes, and will be recorded and emailed to your inbox. Please include birth info at time of order: date, place, and exact time.


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