What are clients saying about my astrology readings? Here’s a collection of testimonials, reviews, and personal feedback.

“Elizabeth is a wealth of knowledge and intuition! My natal chart reading was incredibly comprehensive and thoughtful. I felt like I was chatting with someone who had known me my whole life. I have revisited the reading so many times now and feel I get something new each time. Elizabeth is wildly gifted at what she does!” -DS

“Elizabeth is clear and warm, yet professional in her communication. She listens well and offers opportunity for follow-up on her readings. She is always well prepared for each conversation we have. I recommend her unconditionally.” -KM

“Elizabeth has given me so much hope and guidance over the last couple of years. She brings her deep well of knowledge, using analogies and metaphors to clearly relate what is happening in the stars to our daily lives. She is spot on with timing, and brings humor and realism to each session. Whenever I feel like more grounding and direction is needed in my life, I have confidence Elizabeth will be able to help!” -KM

“Elizabeth has an incredible gift. She is so wonderfully present every time I go for a reading, which is a couple of times a year now. I have become a regular client because of Elizabeth’s calming nature and clear dedication and passion for her craft. She takes her time when doing your reading and makes time for questions, and always provides a recording to return to when wanting to review things. I highly recommend Elizabeth for all your astrology readings and needs, you’ll become a regular soon enough too!” -HC

“Elizabeth is a master of storytelling and metaphor, and she really made the influence of the stars in my life come alive. She wove together a rich, multi-layered tapestry of my interpersonal psychology and offered real advice for how to be deeply fulfilled, heal old wounds, and where to focus my energy.

Her reading was much more than just listing the influence of the planet’s various positions in our chart. She told me not only about my current life, but also about the karmic traces from past lives that she could see written in the patterns.

I feel that Elizabeth gave me a greater self-awareness, as well as empowerment to use that knowledge to create a better life.” -FG

“This is the real deal…I had a reading done by Elizabeth almost two years ago, and have kept in touch with her since. My reading was SPOT on. I loved the quirky but articulate way that Elizabeth described everything…she was honest, and took a lot of time to look deeply into the WHY of patterns, both good and bad, past and present. I had a much better understanding of self after hearing my full reading. It is also awesome to have it recorded as I can refer back to it. I can’t wait for my next reading with Elizabeth…I highly recommend her!” -SO

“I had a natal chart reading with Elizabeth a couple weeks ago and was blown away with the clarity I got during our session. It was like she was telling me about my life past and present without knowing much about me other than my birthdate and time.” -TW

“Thank you!!! Can’t tell you how affirming and challenging (in a good way) the reading was. You tune into so many intimacies and intricacies that most people will never know about me–many that I barely know myself. It was beautiful, thank you so much.” -LH

“I have to be honest, I was very skeptical and uncertain I would even know what you were talking about. You immediately explained what I was looking at in a way I could understand. You definitely have a gift in making people feel comfortable.” JM

“Some of the most inspiring and accurate guidance I’ve yet to receive in my lifetime.” KB

“Thank you! The reading was incredible and it all made sense. It’s funny because you were talking in “symbols” but it felt like you knew everything about my life right now!” -KM

“I very recently had my full natal chart done by Elizabeth and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY. This woman is for real. Through her reading of my chart I have come to so many profound understandings of myself, my motivations and drives, and my path in this life, to name but a few gifts her reading has granted me. I very much recommend her to those who may be interested.” -TF

“As always, your reading adds so much light and wisdom! Thank you!” -SM

“Playing back my natal chart reading was such an intimate and astounding reassurance of all I’d endured, all I’d overcome, and would continue to overcome– and spoke straight to my heart!” -KD

“The absolute best astrological reading I’ve ever had. I came away with a better understanding of my mission in life, and my patterns.” -AB

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