Medical astrology readings are a useful tool in supporting the body’s optimal wellness, providing holistic guidance to deal with both acute and chronic issues. The natal chart is an indicator of your inherent physical tendencies. The planets, signs, and houses of the chart represent your constitutional and structural makeup, containing information about your vitality and strength, your natural sensitivities, and the potentials for imbalance in your health. It’s a map of your energetic body, and a medical astrology reading offers insight into what you need to feel your best.

“Each day of our year the Earth and Sun form a unique slant to each other, providing an actual subtle difference in the quantity and quality of sunlight received on earth at each specific location.

The natal chart is the permanent vibrational resonance pattern. It’s set at birth, like a clock.”

–Judith Hill, Academy for Astrological Medicine

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I’m now offering Planetary Chart Assessments, medical astrology readings that includes both an audio recording and a PDF download. The reading begins with a brief intake questionnaire regarding any health complaints or concerns, as well as pre-existing conditions, to be filled out at the time of booking. From there, I will outline the basic physical structure of your chart, focusing in on the root imbalance. Using the natal chart, transiting chart, and progressed chart, I’ll supply information to help promote balance and ease suffering. The initial reading is $150, and follow-up readings are $75. Book your Planetary Chart Assessment here!

Medical astrology is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, and should not be used as a substitute for medical help. It is an educational resource to help you support your own wellbeing. The herbal preparations I create are intended as suggestions. Please consult your health care provider with any serious emergencies.

Medical Astrology Readings

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