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Shop the apothecary for digitally recorded astrology readings, gift certificates, and handcrafted herbal remedies. I make small batches of natural products using essential oils from quality sources like Mountain Rose Herbs and Doterra. I also make tinctures and infusions from herbs grown in my garden.

Herbal and essential oil blends can be customized for personal needs, too! I create astrological aromatherapy blends, topical salves and lotions, oxymels, tinctures, and teas– all of which can be specified to your natal chart.

Shop the apothecary for astrology readings, gift certificates, aromatherapy blends, and herbal remedies!

Plants and flowers have been used medicinally for centuries. The modern technique of herbal, essential oil, and flower essence therapy provides a safe and natural alternative to prescription drugs. Synthetic skincare and over-the-counter medicines often cause more symptoms than they cure, and parabens and other toxic chemicals are harming our bodies and polluting our water supply.

I founded Root to Rise Remedies on September 1, 2016. My purpose is combining the ancient healing arts of astrology and herbalism to offer a holistic approach to wellness. We live at a time in history where our environmental and psychological health is under tremendous stress. But we’re not powerless to this– we all have the ability to become more conscious of the root of the problem. Feeling better is the whole point.

It’s important to mention that astrology, aromatherapy, and herbalism should never be used as a substitute for medical help. They are educational resources to help you support your own wellbeing. The herbal preparations I create are intended as suggestions, not intended to diagnose, treat or cure illnesses. Please consult your health care provider before taking herbs for any serious problems.