Monday afternoon’s New Moon at 28 degrees of Cancer lines up exactly with my 10th house cusp, the part of the natal chart known as the Midheaven. It’s the vertical angle pointing directly up on the map of the sky, and it describes our calling in life– what we’re known for, what we are meant to give to the world. So I thought I’d celebrate this personally meaningful New Moon by sharing a quick behind-the-scenes look at Root to Rise Remedies, the astrology practice and apothecary that I run out of my home on Salisbury Beach.

Astrologer Elizabeth Michaud

I live in a small cottage with the first backyard that I’ve ever been able to call my own. I started renting this place in 2016, with both parents around to help me fix it up. I was waiting tables in Newburyport at the time, and I knew I wanted to get my own business started, so I picked a name, created a website, and got underway, creating what seemed like a vague and wishful side hustle. If interested, you can read a little more about my background and the circumstances that prompted me to devote full time to my business in two places: a blog post I wrote back in 2017, and a local magazine feature from 2018.

Evolutionary astrology is my specialty, and the focus of my studies for over 20 years. I offer natal chart and predictive readings to clients, as well as relationship and family counseling readings. Since Covid-19, I’ve been booking most appointments through Zoom meeting, but in person readings are available as well. I also offer all my astrology readings via recording, which I email to clients on MP3 to listen on their own time. I’d describe my work as therapy that you don’t have to talk through. You just listen as I explain the symbolism of the planets in your chart, and the information helps you to understand what’s going on in your life and what you can do to best deal with it. Astrology is advice from the natural universe– it’s not fortune-telling, and it’s not predetermined by fate. Yes, there’s a spiritual component… but it’s not a belief system. It’s a path to better self-knowledge, like psychology. But it goes deeper,  connecting you to your purpose and the meaning of your life.

Root to Rise Remedies Apothecary

Essential oils came into my life shortly after I moved home from Seattle in 2012, and I earned my aromatherapy certification a few years later. Making therapeutic blends was the next step I wanted to take, and I knew that I could incorporate the emotional and mental attributes of the oils with the healing power of astrology. I create custom aromatherapy blends for clients, which can be formulated to assist with all sorts of health conditions, both chronic and acute. And now I’m a few months into my certification in herbalism and medical astrology, two modalities that will increase the effectiveness of the remedies I can make.

Here’s a tour of my garden, the apothecary taking shape in my kitchen, and some of the recent creations I’ve been working. Contact me at with any questions, or if you’d like to ask about a customized remedy or astrology reading!

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