The midsummer astrology is largely influenced by Venus transiting Leo, where it will remain until early October. Normally Venus moves through each zodiac sign in about a month, but due to its upcoming retrograde, will end up spending four here. When a typically fast moving planet has an extended stay in one area, it has more time to settle in and deepen its impact. My latest YouTube video focuses specifically on the effect of this summer’s Venus retrograde, including tips on how to use it wisely.

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The north and south nodes are changing signs on July 17, moving from Scorpio/Taurus to Libra/Aries. That means that the unresolved karmic baggage of Libra (south node) will return to us over the next year and a half, needing resolution and balance through Aries (north node). Watch for subconscious behaviors that put superficial harmony over sincerity. It’s a slippery slope, and ends up building walls that weaken our relationships. We can’t be straightforward and independent because a false image hides who we really are. The Aries north node reminds us that true cooperation and trust depends on individual integrity, not on slick charm and sweet agreement. Be aware of giving too much to others with the subtle expectation that they’ll owe you one in return.

Midsummer Astrology ~ Lightning Storm

There’s a burst of activity August 9 – August 15, as the astrology of midsummer heats up. It begins with Venus retrograde makings its second square to Uranus, and ends with the Sun and Moon in Leo forming their square to Uranus. The squares indicate the tendency to go to extremes of expression, which seem to force events to occur. They’re creative and active, and can feel like turning points that pressure decision-making. Uranus is associated with innovation and rebellion. It’s shocks us out of complacency.

Any tension that’s been lying dormant will feel irrepressible here, showing us where we need to liberate from the past. It’s important to move constructively toward change rather than resisting it. Breakthroughs and breakups are possible in all the restless friction, as the squares to Uranus destabilize regular norms. Look at this time as an opportunity to increase self-reliance and independence, and to set new standards in personal pride and self-worth.

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