I’m excited to announce new options for astrology readings, including a fusion of evolutionary astrology and medical astrology techniques.

My astrology readings are available in person or by audio recording—you have the choice of booking an appointment (either in Salisbury, Massachusetts or over Zoom) or opting to have the digital download delivered to your email. All astrology readings are recorded so you have a copy to re-listen. Readings can be purchased through my website, or paid for using Venmo (my link is @roottoriseremedies).

What are evolutionary and medical astrology?

The natal chart is the starting point. It’s a map of the sky from your exact location and time of birth. Evolutionary astrology is a method of reading that natal chart through the lens of past karma. And medical astrology is a method of reading the chart through energetic excess and deficiency. Evolutionary astrology is more psychological and spiritual in nature, and medical astrology is focused on the physical systems of the body. Both are useful guides for healing and increased wellbeing.

My core astrology readings (below) will remain the same. These are approximately 60-minutes in length. I’m also reducing the price of my introductory reading, which is a shorter 30-minute version covering the fundamentals of the natal chart with some karmic tips.

Natal Chart Reading

Synastry (Relationship Compatibility)

Family Coaching (Children’s readings)

Medical Chart Assessment (includes PDF)

What’s a predictive reading?

Your natal chart is a fixed pattern– it will always be your cosmic blueprint. It’s a snapshot of time from your moment of birth, and symbolizes your essential nature and karmic purpose.

But after your first breath, the planets continue moving. The passage of time is represented by the motion of the planets as they circle around our chart year by year. We go through cycles, phases of frustration and fear, growth and fulfillment. And they change us.

Transits and progressions are two different systems of calculating the movement of the planets in relation to your natal chart. They show us what’s going on right now and how it’s affecting your karmic blueprint. That’s why I only offer these predictive readings for returning clients—they require the foundation of the natal chart to make any sense. But if you’re really eager to jump right into the transits and progressions, I have a suggestion coming up with my new astrology readings.

The transit and progression reading is the full 60-90-minute evolutionary reading providing an overview of the year ahead. It’s a thorough explanation of the larger picture—where you’re at in your journey. I also offer a 3-month seasonal report, forecasting the immediate planetary weather in more detail. And for more specific advice, astrological counseling is available in 45-minute or 90-minute sessions, too.

New Astrology Readings

One of the new additions I have for you is a quick cosmic check-in—a 20-minute rundown of what’s happening in your chart at the current moment. This is much more than a horoscope! It’ll give you perspective on where the transiting planets are right now, plus a quick look at your progressed planets. If you’re a new client and hoping to dive right into the predictive stuff, I suggest pairing this reading with The Fundamentals for a more complete picture.

But the big news is my new Body & Soul Reading, bringing both evolutionary and medical astrology together. This reading will begin with an analysis of the natal chart from a psychological and spiritual perspective, and then discuss the planetary energies from the physical point of view. By pinpointing potential sources of weakness or distortion, evolutionary and medical astrology can help you live in better balance, with more ease and less suffering.

“The essential purpose of astrology is not so much to tell us what we will meet on our road, as it is to suggest how to meet it– and the basic reason for the meeting. Which quality is in us, which type of strength is needed to through any specific phase of our total unfoldment as an individual person.”

-Dane Rudhyar

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